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Welcome to Allison’s Wood Finishing, The Valley’s premier furniture stripping, refinishing, and restoration shop.  We have proudly served hundreds of residential and commercial customers throughout the valley, including Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and more for over 40 years, and take pride in our high quality of work and outstanding customer service.

Visit our Tempe location to watch true old world craftsmanship adorn your most precious antique furniture, or view our state-of-the-art wood finishing facilities as we apply only the highest quality stains and finishes to architectural case work for some of the Valley’s largest and most exclusive organizations.

Allison’s Wood Finishing boasts one of the Valley’s only furniture stripping, refinishing, and restoration facilities that is within strict compliance of the Maricopa County Air Quality (MCAQ) department.  We have worked hard to maintain this status because we want to continue building a company that not only produces quality products and services, but contributes to the community around us.

commercial services

Professional Finishing of Casework

Although our roots stem from residential furniture repair and refinishing, Allison’s has evolved part of our company to the dedication of servicing large commercial clients. The processes for the most part are the same, but executed either on-site or on a much larger scale.

For years we have excelled at staining and custom matching any finish to architectural standards. Our skilled technicians are prepared to perform large scale wood finishing jobs at our facility in Tempe or on site at your location.

Feel free to browse our extensive portfolio of current and past projects when you visit, which includes high end hotels, historical museums, restaurants, and malls.

Allison’s Furniture has serviced some of the most well known organizations in the Valley including:

• The City of Tempe
• The Scottsdale Conference Resort
• Z-Tejas
• Starwood Hotels
• Marriott Sheraton
• City North
• Fogo De Chao
• Chandler Fashion Square
• Coconut’s Fish Café
• Thirsty Lion Gastropub

furniture repair

Repair it, don't replace it!

Broken legs, loose joints, missing pieces – all are common repair jobs that our staff tackles daily. Even if your piece of furniture doesn’t need stripping or finishing but needs repair or restoration work, feel free to bring it by. Our craftsmen specialize in:

• Chair re-gluing
• Repairing broken furniture
• Replacing missing pieces
• Crafting decorative scrolls
• Restoration of antiques

furniture refinishing

Furniture refinishing has been at the core of our business for over 30 years.  From family heirloom antiques to dining sets that have lost their luster or perhaps simply a color change to update your decor, Allison’s Wood Finishing can strip and refinish any piece or set of furniture to better-than-new condition.

Furniture that is refinished moves through four main stages

First Step


Second Step


Third Step


Fourth Step

Clear Coat

FIRST STEP – Our skilled craftsmen begin by carefully stripping your worn furniture of its original finish with an environmentally approved chemical stripper.

SECOND STEP – The furniture moves to our sanding and prep area.  Only after a piece of furniture is hand sanded to remove every bit of stain residue and smoothed to exacting standards is it ready for staining and finishing.

THIRD STEP – Our expert finishers are well versed in matching any color or finish you would like, including distressing, faux finishes, glazing, and painting

FOURTH STEP –  Ttop-quality clear coatings are applied in a dust-free environment, assuring a smooth finish and protection to last years to come.  See our finishing page for examples of the many types of finishes we offer.

Furniture Stripping of Any Finish

Stripping of wood and furniture is a delicate process, and Allison’s has the experience and capabilities to handle any wood based stripping job.  Although it is not the prettiest part of the process, we do take pride in training our workers properly in safety and procedure.

Chemical stripper is used to remove the old, clear finish off of a piece of wood or furniture—it does not remove stains which have penetrated deep into the wood’s pores.  Depending on the piece of furniture, the stripper is either hand applied or dipped in a stripping tank.  Old finish residue is then gently removed with a nylon brush or scraper and rinsed, then permitted to dry.

We strip all types of wood products, even metal.  Our applicators are able to remove all types of lacquers, paints, varnishes, and specialty coatings.

Allison’s complies with strict Maricopa County Air Quality (MCAQ) department standards in our stripping area and takes every precaution necessary to ensure a quality work environment.  All excess waste material is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. 

wood finishing

Wood Finishes, Better Than Original

Allison’s Wood Finishing has over 25 years of experience matching any color or type of wood finish available.  From standard color matching to exclusive designer painted or distressed finishes, we can do it all.  Our finishers are meticulous in their practice and are absolute perfectionists.

  • Color matching/staining
  • Painted finishes
  • Faux finishes
  • Distressing
  • Glazing

Our finishing department also has a wide array of final clear coat finishes available depending on the application or customer’s desire.  Most commonly we use a lacquer-based finish, but have several finishes to select from.

  • Pre-catalyzed lacquers
  • Conversion varnish-KCMA-approved finishes for kitchen cabinets
  • Specialty paints
  • Water-based stains and lacquers
  • Oil
  • Hand rubbed

green practices

Allison’s Wood Finishing has for over 25 years made a commitment to doing business right.  It is what has made us the Valley’s premier furniture stripping and refinishing shop.  Part of that commitment is responsible business practices that include environmental considerations.

Strong chemicals are involved in wood finishing and stripping, which is why Allison’s has taken every required measure by local city and state departments to comply and many times exceed regulations.  Even though this commitment to responsible business practices can be very expensive, we have remained steadfast in our traditions.

Our stripping facility complies with the Maricopa County Air Quality (MCAQ) department’s strict guidelines for releasing of waste into the air.  All waste is disposed of properly by a third party organization which takes the proper steps in treatment and handling.

Allison’s spray finishing facility is complete with filtered spray booths which are cleaned and maintained daily, with all hazardous chemicals being stored in properly ventilated areas and confined within fire cabinets.

In addition, we have made it a practice to use green friendly, water based stains, lacquers, and paints when available.

This service is available for all customers by request.

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